Why Muslims?

For every Mormon you have ever met, there are 130 Muslims in the world.
The population of the Muslim world is around 1.6 billion people.
87.4 % of those 1.6 billion people have yet to hear the Gospel.
That means almost 1.4 billion Muslims have yet to hear the name of Jesus.
Within that population of 1.6 billion people are at least 2,840 different unreached people groups.

Recent Statistics From The Joshua Project

Yasra Circle

Muslims represent the largest group of unreached people on the planet. Over 32,000 die without the gospel every day. Not only does Islam enslave over a billion who have never heard the gospel, more and more traditionally Christian nations are seeing a sharp increase in the number of Muslims living around them. Mosques are now becoming common even in European and American cities. Islam is the best biggest challenge for the church today both on the mission field and in your local neighborhood.

Not only is it the biggest challenge for Christianity in our generation, it is the fastest growing challenge. Islam is even the fastest growing religion in the United States. In 1907, there were 230 million Muslims in the world. Around 1990 there were close to 800 million Muslims in the world. Just 20 years later, there are nearly 1.6 billion Muslims. Islam has doubled in the last twenty years.

While Islam is the biggest challenge, only one percent of all Christian missionaries go to do direct ministry among Muslims. That’s one missionary for every 550,000 Muslims!  That’s equivalent to having about five churches and 150 pastors for all of North America.