Small Groups

Small Group Training

It is our goal to see the church reach Muslims together rather than as a few individuals that may or may not have a connections to a local church. MMWU group based training is also much more affordable than individual training. You can work through the courses at your own pace, going as slowly or as quickly as you would like. We can support groups of any size, from a few people up to hundreds.

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Individual Training

Individual Training

While i2 Ministries always recommends group based training, there are special situations where small group training is not feasible. For these situations, MMWU also offers individual training online. Individuals can work through all the MMWU courses at the level of training that best serves their goals and interests. To enroll in MMWU as an individual, click “Register Now” below.

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Certified Trainers

MMWU Certified Trainers

i2 Ministries has a global network of certified trainers who are experts in facilitating the training that MMWU offers. Our certified trainers can help you train everything from a large national church movement to a small group in a local church.

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i2 Ministries offers Islamic, Biblical and Missiological studies for church-based training through Mission Muslim World University (MMWU). MMWU consists of 35 unique courses that address every area of missions to Muslims. The first courses equip individuals to begin evangelizing Muslims immediately while subsequent courses give them the ability to learn even more about specific issues that affect the mission to Muslims. Each course in MMWU is taught by the leading expert in the world on that subject. Because MMWU instructors also have experience in Muslim evangelism, courses always keep the fundamental issues of evangelism and discipleship front and center, and because i2 uses the best teachers in each course, the training offered by i2 is superior to anything else available in the earth.

MMWU offers very flexible training programs and each course is available in a range of formats. We offers levels of learning that range from courses for oral learners who may or may not be literate all the way to courses for students who want to do masters level studies. MMWU training is also available in multiple different languages. MMWU courses are currently being taken both by individuals in the developed world and by tribal pastors in Africa.

MMWU has experience coming along side national church movements, catalytic movements, and existing Ministry Schools to quickly train and equip their people to evangelize Muslims. If your ministry fits in any of these categories, please contact us for information on how you can integrate MMWU into your existing training structures.