The reason I support i2 Ministries financially, and with my time, is because I know what it is going to take to fulfill the great commission in our generation. And I am convinced that i2 Ministries is at the very heart of what needs to happen in our generation. There are a lot of good material for training today in your local church. But there is one area of training that stands out way ahead of the pack as far as I am concerned. And that is the prophetic ministry of Josh Lingel and i2 Ministries. God has raised Josh and i2 Ministries up to provide training in the single most important mission field in the world today, the 1.5 billion people that populate the Muslim World. The i2 Ministries training is absolutely critical for your local church if it is going to be on the cutting edge of Muslim Evangelism and discipleship. And indeed, general missions, evangelism and discipleship for the 21st century. I highly recommend the training i2 Ministries offers, because of its prophetic voice and because of its cutting edge application of where GodÌs heart is for the mission field in the 21st century.

Dr. JP Moreland, Distinguished Professor in Philosophy, Biola University


Historians Talk about the hinges of History. Turning Points. Pivotal Points. I really believe one of those points is being controlled right now by the Muslim World. I don’t think it can be gain said that there is no more important strategic ministry now in history than to reach and touch and to find a bridge between the world of what we believe in the gospel and the world of Islam. I don’t know if there is a more strategic ministry involved now, in our world, than i2 Ministries to reach the Muslims, to find a bridge, and to communicate to them. It is one of those hinges I think that will determine the future of the world. For that very reason I am wholly behind the ministry of i2 Ministries, led by Josh Lingel. We intend to give our support and our ministry of prayer behind them. And my hope is that all of their friends that know them, and others, will come along side. I believe that this effort is going to be one of many to help carry the gospel to this needy part of the world and frankly help shape the future of world history.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias, President, RZIM Ministries


About a year ago I was invited to a conference of the leading scholars on Islam at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. While I was there I had the opportunity of meeting Joshua Lingel. I think the greatest threat to our world today is the world of Islam. And until we have a greater understanding of the world of Islam we are going to be very much at a disadvantage to the advances that Islam is making today. I have enjoyed working with i2 Ministries. I hope that I will be able to work with them in the future. The university that I am the President of, Olivet University, will probably have many times of working together in the future. I very strongly support the work of i2 Ministries.

Dr. William Wagner, Olivet University International


The great need today is to train, the Christian people, particularly Christian leaders to know how to communicate effectively with the Muslim world. i2 Ministries is remarkably qualified to do that in a way that very few other groups are taking initiative. It is a joy to see how these people are moving ahead, using the resources and the best technology, to reach a church that has too long been indifferent to the pressing need to reach the Islamic world. I believe the pastor is the strategic person to taking initiative to reaching this indifferent community in the church that does not see the challenge of Islam. It may be that the pastor himself is not fully aware of where we are going, and so the priority is for the pastor to be trained, and to become aware, and to realize that we are dealing with a very formidable enemy. We are dealing here with a radical challenge and unless we can meet that with an equal or greater challenge of commitment, we are certainly no match for Islam. I heartily endorse this ministry!

Dr. Robert Coleman, Distinguished Senior Professor of Discipleship and Evangelism


I am glad to say that my wife and I Santhi have been associated with this ministry for at least four years. We taught in Brazil and I am just glad to be apart of the 30 experts from the world who are doing these training sessions for the benefit of the whole church. The most important challenge I believe we are facing right now, even in India, is the challenge coming from the Muslims. The church right now needs to be focused on the Muslim World. In India we have 151 million Muslims in this country and the second largest Muslim Country in the world. It is critical for a ministry like i2 Ministries to just come in and come alongside the church and motivate and equip the church for this challenge. It is the number one challenge in fulfilling the great commission in the land of India is concerned.

Sudhakar Mondithoka, President of HITHA (Hydrabad Institute for Theology and Apologetics) and former President of RZIM India


As Senior Pastor of the Rock of Roseville, a Church of 2,000 near Sacramento California. We were privileged to host i2 Ministries. They had a great impact on our church towards reaching Muslims. During my eighteen of traveling throughout the world, in presenting equipping and evangelistic seminars to churches, I became convinced that the Muslim challenge is one of the most alarming concerns facing pastors today. i2 Ministries sacrificially served our congregation both here in our local church and at a ministry base abroad. They provided world class training in Muslim ministries that was extremely relevant and prophetic for our church. We were able to train many of our interns, leaders and pastors with the intensive i2 Ministries curriculum and heard RAVE reviews! I highly recommend having the i2 Ministries video curriculum into your church and training environments to mobilize your people. As pastors we must take responsibility to train each of us to be able to reach the Muslim people throughout the world.

Pastor Francis Anfuso, Senior Pastor, Rock of Roseville Church, Roseville, CA


As a lay person, Josh Lingel’s seminar gave me very significant and extensive insight and understanding into Islam. I’m grateful to be so much better equipped to love and share my faith with Muslims. I wish every believer in the world could be exposed to this material. Dr.Lingel has put together a wealth of information that is not available in any other setting. I strongly urge anyone who is interested in Islam to take this course!

Dottie McDowell