Why The Church Must Be Trained

Missions Students

Muslims represent the greatest challenge to the Christian church today, yet few are equipped to engage Muslims with the gospel. While the church has been reluctant to engage Muslims, Muslims themselves have been quite active in their own form of evangelism known as “dawah.” One source says that 200,000 students in Pakistan alone, ages 8 to 30, study and graduate from ultra-conservative Islamic religious schools every year with 8 years of training 8 hours and day and the ability to easily challenge most believers on the authenticity of the Bible. Each month just Saudi Arabia spends more on spreading Islam than the International Mission Board (IMB) spends in a year.

As is easily seen by the rapid increase of radial Islam and the construction of Mosques all over the earth, Muslims are being aggressively trained to spread Islam and confront Christianity. Because Islam is both aggressively confronting Christianity and because it holds doctrines that directly and aggressively confront the most essential tenets of the Christian faith, it is imperative that the entire church is trained to be a faithful witness of the gospel to Muslims. Every believer must have a basic understanding of how to confront and evangelize Muslims because of Jesus’ deep love for them.

i2 has the vision, resources, and ability to make a significant impact in equipping more Christians to effectively evangelize Muslims. We are uniquely positioned to become the change agent for the global body of Christ to fulfill her call to the Great Commission among Muslims in the coming years.

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