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As we think about our year that is finishing and another that will be gifted to us, let us choose to think about the greatest event on the history of the universe – the fiery love of God demonstrated on the cross for us. This video done by brother Bob Sorge will help us remember.

Young missionaries in Brazil excited about Sasan’s Course

A group of missionaries in Brazil has just finished one more i2 Ministries course on video overdubbed in Portuguese. They left this heart warming video message to Dr. Sasan Tavasoli, instructor of the course Christian and Islamic Theological Issues. This team was facilitated by Carles Bernardes under the leadership of the national coordinator, our dear brother, Maisel Rocha.

Seoul, South Korea

August 4, 2013

By i2ministries

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In South Korea, our goal was to rally all the National denominations to begin strategy discussions on ‘Finishing the Great Commission Among Muslims & resisting Islamization’. All of the denominations were represented and energized with the Muslim challenge to train all national churches to reach Muslims. We are now working towards consensus meetings with the 12 main denominations, some with more than 12,000 churches, and the four of the largest churches in the world including the largest. With 24,000 missionaries from South Korea, they are the second largest missionary sending country next to the United States. They are particularly concerned about Insider Movements, because most of Korean missionaries were trained by westerners and until now they have not known how to respond. Let us pray for the beloved church leadership in Korea. God has used this country to bring the gospel to so many and will continue to do so.